Factual Data and Services Overview

This document lists Factual's available datasets. In the table, below, you'll find the appropriate API endpoints, throttle limits, and paging limits for all datasets.

Factual currently has three levels of API access:

The read API is intended to fulfill per user requests to run your app, thus the paging limit of 50 places per request and 500 total rows of data per filter. Download licenses are available for use cases where larger volumes of data need to be cached on your server.

Table Name API Endpoint Description Free Limit1
Daily/Burst2 Page/Rows3

Global Places

(preview data - schema)

Over 90 million businesses and points of interest from 50 countries around the world, updated in real time. Read: 10,000/500

Resolve: 500/100

Place categories

(preview data - schema)

The full Factual places category taxonomy. NA/NA NA/NA


(preview data - schema)

Over 1.1 million restaurants in the U.S. including core place data and extended restaurant attributes, including meal type, alcolhol served, hours, and ratings. 10,000/500 50/500

(preview data - schema)

Over 300,000 restaurants in the U.K.

(preview data - schema)

Over 400,000 restaurants in France

(preview data - schema)

Over 400,000 restaurants in Germany

(preview data - schema)

Over 100,000 restaurants in the Australia

US Hotels

(preview data - schema)

180K+ hotel and other lodgings in the US. 10,000/500 50/500

Healthcare Providers

(preview data - schema)

Database of over 1 million doctor, dentist, and healthcare provider listings with the key data you need to make informed decisions. 10,000/500 50/500

World Geographies

(preview data - schema)

World Geographies contains administrative geographies (states, counties, countries), natural geographies (rivers, oceans, continents), and assorted geographic miscellaney. It contains 5.2 million geographies with 8.3 million name variants in 250 countries. 10,000/500 50/500



Easily Tag Digital Content with Meaningful Location Data. This is a beta of our V4 API platform. 10,000/500 50/500

Places Crosswalk

(docs - schema)

Places Crosswalk enables you to translate between Factual IDs, third party IDs, and URLs that represent the same entity across the internet. 500/500 50/500

CPG Products

(preview data - schema)

Detailed product data for over 750,000 of the most popular consumer packaged goods, including your favorite health, beauty, food, beverage, and household products. With CPG Products, you can easily access key product attributes, find products using powerful search tools or UPC lookup, and connect to product pages across the web. 500/100 20/100

(preview data - schema)

Same as above, however includes ingredients and nutrition. 500/100 20/100

Products Crosswalk

(docs - schema)

Products Crosswalk enables you to translate between Factual IDs, third party IDs, and URLs that represent the same product across the web. 500/20 20/20
1 Read limits shown (exceptions: geopulse, geocode). Free limits are available to registered, verified, Factual API users using OAuth. Non-OAuthenticated/non-verified requests can be made at a courtesy rate of 100 request per day, at 10 per minute for debugging purposes. You can verify your account here. For premium access to data, contact Factual sales.
2 Daily limits are maximum read requests per day. Burst limits are maximum requests per minute.
3 Page limit is the maximum number of rows that can be returned in a single request using the limit parameter. Row limit is the maximum depth a request can page into using (e.g., offset + limit).