What is Engine?

The Engine SDK enables your mobile app to increase user engagement, by tailoring or promoting features in response to the real-world circumstances of each user.

Consider three users at the exact same coffee shop, and the different kinds of opportunities that Engine can help your app seize:

User Behavior Opportunity
Regular Seen at the coffee shop most weekdays for a quick visit around 8:50-9:00 a.m. Likely works very close to this coffee shop; your productivity app could be doing something to prep them for the workday.
Vacationer First time seen on the West Coast, let alone in this shop. Time for your travel app to ask if it can help find interesting places to see nearby.
Employee Here 1 hour before opening to 1 hour after closing, at least half the week Make sure your deal-finding app doesn’t offer them deals at their own place of work.

How does it work?

  1. Add the Engine SDK to your app's Xcode project.
  2. Define circumstances that you want Engine to notify you of.
  3. Register call back methods for when those circumstances are met.
  4. Compile and run/deploy your app.
  5. Engine watches incoming location identifying signals (GPS, accelerometer, wifi, etc.), invoking your call back method when an appropriate circumstance is met.
  6. Your app does something to delight your users because the place and time were right!
  7. Engine gathers usage data to help you optimize your use of circumstance.

Current Status

Engine is in Beta.

What’s available now:

  • The Engine runtime for iOS including:
    • Client-side definition of rules to monitor for location circumstances like user arrived at a restaurant near a concert venue.
    • Real-time requests for current location information. (e.g., where am I?)
    • Telemetry of circumstance usage data.

What’s coming soon:

  • Web-authoring of circumstances
  • Visualizations of your Engine usage data
  • Engine for Android