What’s going on with our Developer Offerings?

V3 Sunset Process

The sunset period will take some time, as we don’t want to abandon existing apps without providing ample time to convert, as well as support:

1. As of December 2016, we stopped allowing new access to V3 APIs. This is to prevent developers from the regret of writing code for a soon to be out-of-date product line.
2. The General Availability release of Engine (our new mobile SDK) will be available November 1, 2017. Engine provides many capabilities that the API did not cover. We are actively working to integrate the search capability into Engine.
3. In November 2017 we will be phasing out V3 support and work to transition existing customers.

Engine: The Future of Factual Development

We’d like to introduce you to Engine, our new mobile SDK, and the future of mobile development with Factual. Engine makes it easier for your app to incorporate place, time, local events, and behavior into your users’ experience.

You can find out more about Engine by checking out the product page, or simply reading through the documentation.