What’s going on with our Developer Offerings?

Dec 8, 2016 Update

Two things we believe strongly in at Factual are that data is the foundation for great apps and that transparency around our data is good for everyone. In the spirit of the latter and with great optimism for the former, we are making significant changes to our developer offerings. During 2017, we will be sunsetting our “V3” API products, and replacing them with a mobile-first solution.

V3 Sunset Process

The sunset period will take some time, as we don’t want to abandon existing apps without providing ample time to convert, as well as support:

1. In early December, we will no longer allow new access to V3 APIs. This is to prevent developers from the regret of writing code for a soon to be out-of-date product line. We will NOT be deauthorizing access from existing developers’ apps at this time.
2. In April of 2017, when the General Availability release of Engine (our new mobile SDK) is available, we will provide notice to transition any existing code.
3. Starting in Summer 2017, we will be phasing out V3 support.

Engine: The Future of Factual Development

We’d like to introduce you to Engine, our new mobile SDK, and the future of mobile development with Factual. Engine is designed around location circumstance. Engine makes it easier for your app to incorporate place, time, local events, and behavior into your users’ experience. It’s currently in beta, so it’s not feature complete, but it illustrates the direction we are taking:

You can find out more about Engine by checking out the Engine beta, or simply reading through the documentation.