Manual installation

The steps below will guide you through manually installing the Engine SDK into your app via Xcode and Objective-C. The steps below are intended as an alternative to installing via Cocoapods

1. Download the SDK

The Engine SDK is distributed as a static library, download the latest copy from Bintray

2. Copy the SDK to Your Project

  • Decompress the downloaded archive. The contents should contain the files FactualEngine.h and libFactualEngine.a.
  • Within Xcode, add both files to your project (libFactualEngine.a may fail to link otherwise!). Make sure to enable the "Copy items if needed" checkbox for Destination (visible under 'Options').


Note that you can optionally drag and drop the library files into your project. Similiar to the above process, make sure to enable the “Copy items if needed” checkbox for Destination (visible under ‘Options’).

3. Add Linked Libraries

Click on the Build Phases tab. Link the following binary libraries:

  • libFactualEngine.a (This should already be linked from step 2 above.)
  • libc++.tbd
  • libz.tbd


Swift Projects

If your project is in Swift, continue to follow instructions here