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Supported Countries

Factual Places has 130+ million entities across the following 52 countries:

ISO Country Code Country Rows1 Extended Attributes2
ae United Arab Emirates 29,095
ar Argentina 671,839
at Austria 1,020,394
au Australia 2,003,796 Restaurants
be Belgium 690,241
br Brazil 3,825,910
ca Canada 2,136,457
ch Switzerland 763,978
cl Chile 164,575
cn China 13,076,724
co Colombia 496,097
cz Czech Republic 278,200
de Germany 7,012,288 Restaurants
dk Denmark 696,791
eg Egypt 280,988
es Spain 2,779,312
fi Finland 430,058
fr France 5,562,921 Restaurants
gb United Kingdom 5,136,336 Restaurants
gr Greece 232,590
hk Hong Kong 221,085
hr Croatia 244,566
hu Hungary 201,768
id Indonesia 1,060,551
ie Ireland 252,946
il Israel 131,119
in India 945,774
it Italy 3,811,241
jp Japan 6,606,502
kr South Korea 3,954,095
lu Luxembourg 47,163
mx Mexico 2,031,183
my Malaysia 663,620
nl Netherlands 1,910,626
no Norway 964,524
nz New Zealand 237,301
pe Peru 128,029
ph Philippines 582,200
pl Poland 2,708,050
pr Puerto Rico 112,414
pt Portugal 1,207,909
ru Russia 1,400,111
sa Saudi Arabia 5,109
se Sweden 742,590
sg Singapore 341,256
th Thailand 342,104
tr Turkey 918,177
tw Taiwan 1,194,265
us United States 21,493,872 Restaurants, Hotels, Healthcare Providers
ve Venezuela 42,879
vn Vietnam 407,891
za South Africa 560,786

1 Row counts reflect our data as of Feb 7, 2017. Only records with an existence score of 0.3 or greater were counted.

2 Only Restaurants, Hotels, and Healthcare Providers are explicitly mentioned in the table. All countries have Placerank and Crosswalk attributes available for consumption.

Supported Countries

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